Always remember, looks aren’t everything. A scruffy mutt can be just as good or even better an animal companion than a highly bred dog. The wee mongrel is often far more intelligent than a ‘dumb blonde’ pedigree and can even be a lot healthier. A cross-bred dog can often have the genetic mix which gives it ‘mongrel vitality’. That means that it can avoid the problems inherited by pure bred dogs and may have a longer, healthier life. Also, when choosing a dog you should keep in mind that an affectionate, happy and loving nature is a lot more important than a super glossy coat or a long pedigree.

A dog is an individual with its own character and nature and not just a fashion accessory!


Always remember, a dog is for life!

Take the advice our staff at PADS can give you. They will do their best to find the right dog for you – and the right human for each dog! Our staff are experts at this, for they have been rehoming dogs for many years. Young families may want a younger dog, while older folk may be happy with a middle aged dog with lots of love still to give. A cute cuddly pup may seem like the ideal choice, but the staff will know if that little pup is likely to grow into a very large dog so take their advice.

Hardest to home are older dogs, who may have come from a loving home where their owners are now no longer able to care for them. An older dog has much to give and in taking on such an dog you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are giving a good home to a dog for the last part of its life.